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Unlock the value of your interactions through asking the right questions with QuickTapSurvey's data capture platform. Build, customize, and launch your data collection campaigns in minutes with 100% data coverage guarantee (no internet required).


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We make it stupid easy for you to ask smart questions.

Access 100+ shortcuts and hacks.
Access our library of over 100 pre-built question sets that you can implement in seconds.
Works literally everywhere.
Collect any way and anywhere - online, offline, in-person... space edition coming soon.
Create surveys that are super freaking pretty.
Our platform allows you to create a customized experience that represents your brand.

Over 10 million surveys have been completed on our platform to help over 91K+ users gain valuable insight, including at:

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Surveys with custom branding and advanced question types and reports.
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Simple surveys with limited question types, reporting and customization.
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Survey automation platform with custom response flows and expert reports.

The #1 app for in-person data collection anywhere.

Lead Capture
Capture and qualify leads in-person. Includes automated follows ups, LMS integration, and customized incentive programs to boost response rates.
Market Research
Create data collection campaigns to collect the data that matters. Collect data via mobile form, or directly from customers via our kiosk mode.
Customer Satisfaction
Use tablets to gather feedback from customers in person. Our on-site surveys provide you with fast, actionable insights.